Regional and Local Hazard Mitigation Plans

Information on municipalities and/or special districts that participated and adopted a plan is located on the Approved Plans page. To view the individual plan click on the county.

Program Overview

Why do we do Hazard Mitigation Planning?

  • Disaster Mitigation Act (DMA) of 2000 (Public Law 106-390)
  • Reduce natural hazards to people, property, infrastructure, opportunity to align efforts with other planning initiatives
  • Identify short- and long-term strategies, resources, programs, policies, and funding sources to contribute to risk reduction and resiliency
  • Pre- and Post-Disaster Grants Eligibility (PDM, FMA, HMGP, RFC, SRL)

How often do they have to be updated?

  • Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) eligibility cycle is five (5) years
  • Planning process generally takes one (1) year to complete
  • Begin preparing for update 18-24 months in advance of HMP expiration date to avoid plan lapse
  • Tasks: Organize Resources, Assess Risks, Develop HMP, Implement Mitigation Strategy, Monitor Progress

How are they approved?

  • Must follow current FEMA requirements, 44 CFR 201.6 guides mitigation program
  • Submit draft HMP to State for review (potential required revisions)
  • State submits local HMP to FEMA for review (potential required revisions)
  • APA (Approvable Pending Adoption) status granted by FEMA
  • Local Adoption process by participating jurisdictions, seek resolutions within six-eight months of APA date and send all local adoptions to State
  • State submits adoptions to FEMA for final approval, FEMA approval letter date begins five year eligibility timeline

Anything else?

  • All local and Tribal governments may participate including counties, municipalities, and special districts
  • Mitigation Action Categories: Local Planning & Regulations, Structure & Infrastructure Projects, Natural Systems Protection, Public Education & Awareness
  • FEMA's guiding HMP principles: focus on the Mitigation Strategy, process is as important as the Plan itself, this is your community's Plan