DHSEM Announces Hazard Mitigation Grant Opportunities for 2021-2022

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Colorado communities have a unique opportunity to reduce their long-term risks from natural hazards with assistance from FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) programs: Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC), and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA).

FEMA recently released the annual Notices of Funding Opportunity for BRIC and  FMA 2021 and also announced that Colorado will receive approximately $58.6M from HMGP to fund mitigation projects. These are in addition to the three existing HMGPs related to last year’s large wildfires. There are differences between programs so here’s a summary of each. HMGP mitigates all natural hazards, has an allocation for projects with difficult to verify cost-effectiveness, and is solely for eligible jurisdictions and projects in Colorado. BRIC also mitigates all natural hazards, focuses on transformative infrastructure and community-level projects, has a state allocation of $1M, and is primarily competitive with other projects across the nation (except for the state allocations). FMA is intended to reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings and structures insured under the National Flood Insurance Program. The funding available in these programs offers us the chance to tackle big mitigation projects with large benefits to our communities- so think big!

More information about the programs is available from the DHSEM mitigation section and on the FEMA website. All three programs have a 75 percent federal cost-share for each awarded project. Economically Disadvantaged Rural Communities may receive a 90 percent federal cost-share for awarded projects.

Our priorities for these programs are:

  • Prioritize projects that help underserved populations.
  • Oversubscribe all HMGP programs.
  • Apply for and spend the entire $1M BRIC 2021 state allocation.
  • Identify and fund projects larger in scale and size than we have with previous grants.
  • Use available state funds to wholly or partially meet the non-federal share for projects. (Depending on the hazard being mitigated.)

Our pledge is to make this process as seamless and transparent for you as possible by using an integrated approach. Let’s discuss projects instead of grant programs. If you’re interested in applying, please complete the Notice of Interest (NOI) in the link below for our review. Once we work to resolve any questions or concerns with you we’ll forward the NOI to FEMA Region VIII for their initial review and feedback on project eligibility. Then we’ll work with you to get access, if necessary, into our EM Grants system to complete your sub-application. Finally, we’ll determine which program(s) to apply to. If it’s HMGP we’ll submit your application into a FEMA system. If we decide to submit your sub-application for BRIC or FMA then you’ll copy and paste your application from EM Grants into FEMA’s Grant Outcomes system.


  • Sub-applications for HMGP 5334 are due to DHSEM by December 1, 2021*
  • Sub-applications for HMGP 5378 are due to DHSEM by December 14, 2021
  • Sub-applications for HMGP 4581 are due to DHSEM by December 14, 2021
  • Sub-applications for HMGP 4498 and BRIC/FMA 2021 are due to DHSEM by December 14, 2021
  • Final sub-applications for HMGP 5378 are due to DHSEM by March 1, 2022
  • Final sub-applications for HMGP 4498 are due to DHSEM by July 7, 2022

*- assumes an extension from FEMA, the current deadline to FEMA is September 30, 2021.

We will submit low-cost “shovel ready” projects to FEMA for HMGP 5334 and 5378 as soon as we receive them from you.  DHSEM and other state agencies that form the State Hazard Mitigation Team will score and prioritize all projects for BRIC using the Colorado Resiliency Framework Criteria shared in the link below and the two sets of BRIC criteria in the attached BRIC Scoring Rubric. We’ll score and prioritize FMA projects with the Colorado Resiliency Framework and the appropriate attached FMA Scoring Rubric, depending on the project type. Finally, we’ll score and prioritize HMGP 4498 and 4581 projects using the Colorado Resiliency Framework and the applicable BRIC or FMA criteria.

Communities and special districts must have a currently approved local Hazard Mitigation Plan to apply for BRIC or FMA and to receive funds from all three programs. Additionally, requested projects must be included in that jurisdiction’s mitigation strategy in the HMP. Jurisdictions that are not in an HMP may find a project sponsor who is or they may ask to be added to the appropriate HMP by following the enclosed DHSEM Additions to HMPs checklist. Communities and special districts can also add projects to their mitigation strategy if they’re not already included.

DHSEM’s Mitigation Section is committed to helping the people and communities of Colorado identify and reduce risk from natural hazards. Please contact Mark Thompson by email at markw.thompson@state.co.us for any questions related to hazard mitigation plans (including adding actions and/or jurisdictions) and Matt Arsenault by email matt.arsenault@state.co.us with any questions about projects or BRIC Capability and Capacity Building (C&CB) activities. We stand ready to assist you with the application process to enable each community to reduce its long-term risks from natural hazards.

DHSEM Mitigation Assistance Grants Document with Enclosures

  • DHSEM Notice of Interest
  • Colorado Resiliency Framework Criteria
  • BRIC Scoring Rubric
  • FMA Scoring Rubric
  • DHSEM Additions to HMPs Checklist