DHSEM Annual Staff Award Winners Announced

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On September 2 the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management announced the winners of our annual awards program.

Years of Service Recognition

  • 5 years
    • Matt Arsenault
    • Tiffaney Brooks
    • Crystal Christensen
    • Christe Coleman
    • Cynthia Denham
    • Michael Haney
    • Jacqueline Hanneman
    • Jaclyn Kurle
    • Carleigh Leach
    • Ted Lucero
    • Lindsey Roberts
    • Lauren Spielvogel
    • Chuck Sullivan
    • Charina Velasquez
  • 10 years
    • Amy Shish
  • 20 years
    • Amanda Straley

S.T.A.R. Awards

  • Go To Award

    • This award recognizes a person whom others turn to for help or support regardless of their rank or position within the DHSEM. Characteristics of a Go To person include: diligence, selflessness, consistent, pitch in to help, reliable, gets the job done, team player, behind the scenes, and goes above and beyond what is expected of them to support their fellow team members or Division customers/stakeholders.

    • Award Winners

      • CeeCee Angelillo

      • Crystal Christensen

  • Positivity Award

    • This award exemplifies a person whose positive attitude and outlook directly affects other DHSEM members and the communities we serve. Characteristics of a Positivity person include: positive energy, inspiring, aloha spirit, optimistic, cheerleader, encouraging, happy, calm in a crisis, collaborative, fun, takes lemons and makes lemonade.

      • Award Winners

        • Jacquline Hanneman

        • Cynthia Denham

  • Work Smarter Award

    • This award exemplifies a person who directs their time and energy for the greatest impact by incorporating new ideas, technology, and other strategies to maximize a positive impact on our Division community or the communities we serve. Characteristics of a Work Smarter person include: creative, thinks outside the box, innovative, change agent, fearless, cutting edge, idea person, progressive.

    • Winners

      • Georgie Washington

      • Luis de Carvalho

  • Mission Accomplished Award

    • This award exemplifies a team or group of staff that achieves a common goal in support of the Division's mission or a specific team goal that supports the services provided to stakeholders/communities through leadership, collaboration, coordination or forward thinking. Characteristics of a Mission Accomplished recipient includes demonstrating leadership by example and forward thinking in accomplishing a specific task or goal on behalf of the Division, a group that leads by example and inspires and motivates achievement by others or demonstrates success through coordination, collaboration and bridge building within the Division, Department or with our customer/community stakeholders.

    • Winners

      • COVID-19 Resource Management Team: Justine Willman, Tobie Leigh Gallegos, Marci Linton, Tim Washington, Lin Bonesteel, Tiffany Brooks, Greg Pettis, Suzanne Leytham, Georgie Washington, DeAnna Quinn

      • DHSEM Mitigation Team: Steve Boand, Patricia Gavelda, Mark Thompson, Matt Arsenault, Julie Beyers, Christopher Hudak, Deanna Butterbaugh

  • Denney Award

    • This award recognizes an unsung hero whose performance is outstanding, yet the recipient operates with a low profile. This award recognizes an individual who provides exemplary conduct, service, or action that demonstrates a commitment to the mission, vision and values of the Division. The Denney Award is named after Steve Denney, a retired Field Service Deputy who served the people of Colorado for more than 22 years. Steve was a quiet professional who led by example and never sought recognition for his many exemplary actions throughout his career.

    • Winner

      • Micki Trost

  • DHSEM Director's Award

    • The Director's Leadership Award: This award acknowledges a person who exemplifies leadership skills (whether formal or informal) and interpersonal efforts that inspire and motivate others to achieve their full potential and/or job functions, or helps groups, teams and/or units achieve a common goal supporting the Division's vision and mission. Characteristics of a Leadership Award recipient include: a person that exemplifies the values of the Division and is first among equals, a mentor, is respected by the people they work with, leads by example, is ethical and principled, inspires others by their attitude and actions, advocates on behalf of others, is a mediator, bridge- builder and is courageous and forward thinking.

      • Trevor Denney

      • Jerry Eastman

      • Michael Haney

      • Lin Bonesteel

      • Justine Willman