DHSEM Works to Verify Wildfire Damage Assessment Information

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The Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM)is collecting and verifying damage assessment information from sources that have sustained damages as a result of the recent wildfires in Boulder, Garfield, Grand, Larimer, and Mesa counties. The state entered the Joint Preliminary Damage Assessment process with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after submitting an official request on October 31. A final request for damages that may have been incurred to public infrastructure, residences and businesses was sent to county emergency managers on November 9.

The information provided enables a comprehensive analysis of the statewide impact of the wildfires. It determines if there is an unmet need that exceeds the capacity of available local and state resources. And, it determines whether there is an opportunity to qualify for federal disaster assistance.

Stakeholders from county government, private sector and public non-profits were asked to submit damage information to Colorado DHSEM for the following reasons:

  • To document individual damages to a home
  • To document damages to a business
  • To document damages to public infrastructure that includes such things as roads, bridges, water control facilities, public utilities, recreational facilities and state and local government entities.

DHSEM expects to finalize the validation process with our federal partners by December 1 before making recommendations to the governor's office for federal disaster assistance.