State Hazard Mitigation Team Members

State Hazard Mitigation Team

The State Hazard Mitigation Team (SHMT) includes representatives of state, federal, and local government agencies, and other relevant stakeholders for key hazard and mitigation sectors. The SHMT will serve as a steering committee guiding the development and implementation of the Enhanced State Hazard Mitigation Plan (E-SHMP).

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security andEmergency Management Agency (DHSEM) Mitigation and Recovery Section will lead coordination of the enhanced plan update efforts with all related state agencies via the SHMT.

SHMT Members

  • Nicole Aimone, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Senior Community Planner
  • Scott Baldwin, DHSEM, Deputy State Hazard Mitigation Officer
  • Karen Berry, Colorado Geological Survey (CGS), State Geologist/Director
  • Steve Boand, DHSEM, Acting State Hazard Mitigation Officer
  • Barry Cress, Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), Local Government Personnel Assistance
  • Stephanie DiBetitto, Department of Natural Resources (DNR)/Water Conservation Board (CWCB), Community Assistance Program Coordinator
  • Nolan Doesken, Colorado Climate Center (CCC), State Climatologist
  • Margaret Doherty, FEMA, Community Planner
  • Corey Elliott, DNR/CWCB, Colorado Hazard Mapping Program Coordinator
  • Taryn Finnessey, DNR, Climate Change Risk Management Specialist
  • Marilyn Gally, DHSEM, Director, Office of Emergency Management
  • Kristin Garrison, Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS), Assistant Division Supervisor/Fire Fuels Management Forest Management Division
  • Patricia Gavelda, DHSEM, State andLocal Mitigation Program Planning Manager
  • Ethan Greene, DNR, Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC), Director
  • Rick Hanger, DOLA, Division of Housing, Program Manager Housing Technology and Standards Section
  • Richard Hansen, FEMA, HMA Specialist
  • Andy Hill, DOLA, Community Development Office, CDO Program Manager
  • Jody Horn, DHSEM, Contingency Planner
  • Kevin Houck, DNR/CWCB, Section Chief
  • Elbert Hunt, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Homeland Security Coordinator
  • Iain Hyde, ColoradoResiliency and Recovery Office (CRRO), Governor‚Äôs Office, Deputy Director
  • Kerry Kimble, CDOT, Office of Emergency Management, Planning Section Chief
  • Kevin Klein, DHSEM, Division Director
  • Gail Leek, DHSEM, Mitigation Planning Specialist
  • Bill McCormick, DNR, Division of Water Resources, Chief, Dam Safety
  • Todd McMahon, History Colorado (HC), OAHP Librarian/GIS Survey Archaeologist
  • Irene Merrifield, DHSEM, Recovery Specialist
  • Anne Miller, DOLA, Community Development Office, Senior Planner
  • Don Moore, DHSEM, Recovery Specialist and Planner
  • Ryan Pietramali, FEMA, Risk Analysis Branch Chief
  • Rob Pressly, CRRO, Governor‚Äôs Office, Resiliency Program Coordinator
  • Joseph Saldibar, HC, Architectural Services Manager
  • Logan Sand, DOLA, Community Development Office, Recovery and Resilience Planner
  • Greg Stasinos, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Preparedness Branch Manager
  • Nick Striegel, Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), Animal Health Division, Assistant State Veterinarian
  • Mark Thompson, DHSEM, Mitigation Planning Specialist
  • Micki Trost, DHSEM, Strategic Communications Director